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Blanco County Karate

Japanese Goju-Ryu Seiwa Kai

@ Core Fitness

621 N. Nugent Ave.  Johnson City, TX 78636


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  • Monthly Essays

Full Circle

Meditations on Grading

But What Supports the Iceberg?

Form Follows Function


How Much is Enough? 

Am I a Human Weapon (or a Paper Tiger)?  

Act, Don't React

How Much Is Enough?  Musings on Training


Lighting the Fuse

The Value of Self Practice


New Year, Begin Again

Quitting is Not an Option

Ichi Go Ichi E

Describing Water

Hearing Voices

Regarding Power

Beef Jerky

Will Power

Mind Over Matter

Why Kata

Crossing the Ford

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Last Updated August 27, 2018